The human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it. ~Francis Bacon

My artwork questions common perception of everyday life. Everybody keeps images of persons, feelings or situations from the past, which blur their vision. These disturbing images influence our reactions and behaviors in certain situations, they impact our perception of things happening around. We are all products of our past, our culture, the context, which condition our ability to understand. There is no one absolute truth, but as many truths as there are perceptions.

As a painter I always look for concrete pictorial aspects. My artwork is based on overlapping layers (whatever these are). This helps me to raise viewer’s awareness, sometimes through an indirect illusion, sometimes directly proving that there is much more hidden behind the visible. Exposing perception mechanisms and questioning images, I make the audience aware of their own perception by means of the phenomenon itself.

Selected exhibitions

08 – 10/06 2018 – “Mémoires visuelles”- Nîmes, France – Le Collectionneur Moderne 

05/2018- Inauguration PARK PARK studio Brussels, Belgium

23/11/2017 – 26/11 /2017- “Crecen flores en la arena” in Nadie Nunca Nada No, Madrid 
supported by STEP TRAVEL GRANT European Cultural Foundation

8.09 – 22.10.2016
solo exhibition “All that Glitters is Not Gold “

at Frederic Collier, Brussels, Belgium

2016 Solo exhibtion “Wind of changes ” SCHAU, Dresden, Germany

2016 Solo exhibtion “Graffiti de luxe” UGC ART BOX, Brussels, Belgium

2015 Solo exhibition “See if you can remember to forget”, Sopa Gallery, Koscie, Slovakia

2015 Collective exhibition “Why is the Universe so Large, Flat and Full of Structure?” DE LICEIRAS 18, Porto, Portugal

2015 Solo exhibition “ca va aller” AHAHA open atelier, Brussels, Belgium 
2015 Collective exhibition “(un)defined” Photo Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 
2014 Parcours/ParKunst, landart exhibition, Brussels, Belgium 2014 Collective exhibition, “Vis-à-vis”, Common Places gallery, Brussels, Belgium 
2014 Solo show, “iCons & Underground”, Common Places gallery, Brussels, Belgium 

2012 Collective exhibition, “Graffiti de luxe“, in Grey House Gallery, Krakow, Poland


2011 First Prize Winner at the Grey House Foundation Competition for the most intrigue personality among the young Polish artists (Krakow, Poland)


2017 Intercambiador Artist Residency, Madrid, Spain supported by STEP TRAVEL GRANT European Cultural Foundation

2015 KAIR (Koscie Artist in Residence), AirWro, ( Wroclaw Capital of Culture 2016), Koscie, Slovakia 
2015 DELICEIRAS 18 Porto, Portugal 
2010 Artist residence “72 h pour créer” Centrale 7 Nyoiseau, France