Azulejos / Złote myśli

Azulejos – Spanish and Portuguese glazed, polychromed tiles produced since the XIVth century. Azulejos can be found on the walls in both interior and exterior architecture. Mostly, they have a decorative function but we can find some examples with annotations, anecdotes or numbers. 

Złote myśli (literally translated from Polish “golden thoughts”) means – words of wisdom.

Azulejos/ Złote myśli 

Inspired by Spanish and Portuguese tiles I have created a series of ceramic tiles with golden sentences and ornaments. The aim of this project is to create contemporary azulejos raising questions about life. 
II place them all around the city in specifically selected locations mirroring in a particular way the content of the inscriptions, which in that surrounding become disturbing.

“Ca va aller” – ” It will be fine” – underpass avenue Louise, Brussels
“Love” Red lights district, Brussels
“Dream” Abattoirs Anderlecht
“Dream” Abattoirs Anderlecht
“We will all die” cemetery, Brussels